About Medaxes

Our mission

Medaxes is the Belgian association of pharmaceutical companies that want to contribute to making healthcare accessible to all.

Medaxes focuses on generic and biosimilar medicines, as well as on other off-patent medicines and self-care products.

Medaxes aims to provide high quality solutions for efficient and sustainable healthcare in a well-regulated environment. 

Medaxes strives to build a dialogue and work in partnership with other healthcare stakeholders. For its members, Medaxes acts as a representative platform, offering a wide range of services in support of their individual activities and common interests.

Our values


Medaxes represents the voice of pharmaceutical companies striving for healthcare that is accessible to all patients.

Our members offer cost-effective treatment options for the vast majority of pathologies.

Generic and biosimilar medicines play a key role in this, as they break monopolies. After the patent on the brand product expires, they create competition in the pharmaceutical market. This significantly lowers prices, reducing expenses for health insurance and patients alike.


Human health is paramount. Therefore, together with Medicines for Europe, Medaxes fully supports the European quality requirements imposed on medicines. There can be no compromises in this regard.


Healthcare must remain accessible for everyone not only today but also tomorrow. This can only be achieved if all stakeholders collaborate on sustainable development models with viable perspectives for all involved parties. In the future, broader collaboration platforms will be necessary.

Dialogue and partnerships

Healthcare is exceptionally complex, and its organization must constantly adapt to the needs of patients and changes in society. Medaxes believes that this can only be achieved through genuine dialogue and partnership among all stakeholders.

Deontological Code 2024

Board of Directors

  • Jef Hus, Chairman (EG)
  • Dries Pattyn, Vice Chairman (Sandoz)
  • Vincent Verschraegen, Vice Chairman (Viatris)
  • Nicolas van Gelder, Member of the Board of Directors (Celltrion Healthcare)
  • Jasmien Coenen (Co-operate bv), Managing Director
  • Stephan Van Nieuwenhove (Orion Pharma)

Our members

Medaxes is a member of

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