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Biosimilar medicines

Biosimilar medicines contain the same active substance and have the same therapeutic effect as branded medicines. Their price is at least 35,8% to minimum 43,54% lower than the original price of the branded medicine. Biosimilars are essential to making expensive biologic treatments available as widely as possible.

Generic medicines

Generic medicines contain the same active substance and have the same therapeutic effect as branded medicines. Their price is up to nearly 68% lower than the original price of the corresponding branded medicine. Generic medicines allow more patients to be better treated.

Off-patent brands

Off-patent brand medicines are originator medicines whose patent has expired. To be considered cheap, their price must have decreased to a level generally comparable to that of most generic or biosimilar medicines. Cheap branded medicines help to keep healthcare accessible.

Self-care products

Self-care products are products that are freely available at pharmacies, such as self-care medicines, self-care medical devices and food supplements. Patients can use them upon their own initiative, to preserve their health. Their ‘good use’ substantially reduces the social costs of being ill.


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden decease of Joris Van Assche.

As Medaxes community, our thoughts are with his wife and children, his family and friends. We sincerely offer them our deepest sympathy.

There are no words for our disbelief and grief. Joris leaves a huge professional and personal void for us all. Not only was he our highly driven and unequalled Director, he was a warm-hearted man with the right values, a mediator and confidant for Medaxes and the whole community.

Thank you for everything, Joris. We will never forget you.

Off patent medicines account for 70% of those dispensed in Europe for the most prominent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular care, infectious diseases, and others. Between 70-90% of Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and emergency medicines are off patent. Our sector currently has over 400 manufacturing sites in Europe. Therefore, the off patent medicines industry sector must be included in the 'Important Project of Common European Interest' (IPCEI) on Health.

Please find here the press release of our European association, Medicines for Europe.


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